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OMARBABA offers a global, interactive and innovative way of B2B interaction by way of membership, providing a platform on:
Omarbaba’s “Ombagram APP” updating users daily about news including a 24/7 B2B Teleshopping TV Channel and an integrated user friendly Business Messenger Service for all kinds of communication.

We provide a host of modern easy to use platforms for merchants, manufacturers, brands and other businesses to market their services and products globally, showcasing their offerings allowing international buyers and distributors an innovative way of seeking out and sourcing the products and services they desire.

We are the business mediator offering our services through membership to all our members and customers worldwide across the five continents. Our mission is to provide an international fair, which allows ease of trading and discovery for both merchants and buyers allowing for smooth, safe, cost effective and time efficient transaction and allowing for businesses to find and establish new business partners and relationships.

Omarbaba’s Ombagram aims to represent a wide spectrum of manufacturers and products ranging from various industries and services worldwide.

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